Rooftop Proposal 3.9.2018

Liebler Proposal.


At the end of 2017 Jeff told a few of his closest friends that he was thinking about proposing to Tiffany, and that he had bought her the most beautiful ring. Everyone anxiously awaited (without pestering too much) for the details of when and where the proposal would happen. I was so ecstatic when Jeff called me in February and told me that he was ready to start the process of planning the big proposal. We met for coffee at Starbucks and I teared up throughout most of the meeting while Jeff told me his ideas and vision for the big night. I left excited to be a part of the proposal process, ready to nail down the details and anxious to call the guests to give direction for the night. Every year for Jeff’s birthday he and Tiffany kick off his birthday celebration on St. Pete Beach. They have frequently visited the Kimpton Hotel Zamora rooftop bar and Jeff knew that this would be the perfect location for him to propose to Tiffany in front of their closest friends and family. Several weeks after our initial consult we met with the venue manager at the hotel to discuss the details of the night as well as a backup plan in case of bad weather. Jeff, Tiffany and a few of their friends would eat dinner at the Castile Grill located inside the restaurant, then would head to the rooftop for a few drinks to end the night. Tiffany had no idea that waiting on the rooftop would be 20 of their closest friends and family, flower petals lining the “go spot,” live music, candles, champagne and dessert for celebrating after. When dinner was finished, the rest of the dinner guests headed to the rooftop while Jeff & Tiffany finished paying their tab. It just so happened to be one of the coldest winter nights so there was no one on the roof top other than the invited guests and musician. It was hard to keep quiet as everyone was bursting with anticipation as Jeff and Tiffany stepped off the elevator and began walking to the edge of the rooftop. As they walked towards the proposal spot, Tiffany looked confused and at one point commented to Jeff that she “thought they were walking into somebody else’s stuff,” to which Jeff kept his cool, smiled and continued to lead her to the proposal spot where the ring waited on top of a pillow stating “She Said Yes!”

Check out the video below for the full back story and make sure you grab a box of tissues!

Coordination & Design: Southern Romance Events
Venue: Kimpton Hotel Zamora St. Petersburg Beach, FL
Ring: Kay Jewlers
Florals: ABC Events
Engagement Photos: Amber McWhorter Photography