Kathleen Brate- Wedding Planner & Event Coordinator

I was in your shoes...
I was a newly engaged Bride and was so excited to start planning the biggest party I would ever host that would represent the beginning of forever with the man that I loved. Like many of you, I had my secret Pinterest board full of ideas of exactly what my $1,000,000 wedding would look like, but no idea how to make those dreams realistic. I began reading and studying more about not only how a bride would plan her wedding, but how a wedding planner would teach a bride to plan her wedding. Shortly after my husband and I were married on 11.15.2014, a friend of mine got engaged and wanted to get married in only three short months and asked for my help. I jumped in feet first with applying all I had learned through my research and personal wedding planning experience and my passion for wedding planning and coordination was born. I do not believe in booking weddings every weekend as each Bride deserves her own individual attention and assistance throughout her wedding planning process. I believe in building relationships with each and every Bride I come in contact with, and ensuring that she feels like I am more of a best friend (who is overly involved) than a hired wedding professional.

I look forward to meeting with you to learn more about your vision, and to be a part of this exciting and memorable process!